Tavern Chick

The Seven Hottest NPC Female Characters in Skyrim

If you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t play video games, then the word Skyrim doesn’t mean much to you. Both the rest understand it to be one of the best, and deepest, video games of all time. You can get lost in the world of Skyrim. And while you’re there, you’ll “meet” many people. But here at HottyHot we like to focus on the babes. Here they are.

#7 Tavern Waitress

While at first the most instantly attractive, think about the other options before getting too infatuated. Think about it, she’s a hired gun in a bar. Every Elf, Orc, Man, and Reptile in Tamriel is going to be fawning over her. Sure you’re the Dovahkiin, but she’s going to be way high maintenance and cheat on you eventually.

Tavern Chick
Tavern chick is a tough catch in Skyrim

#6 Aela of the Companions

If you’re into rough chicks with face camo who won’t take any shit, Aela is the one. She’ll boss you around and tell you what to do. And I have a hunch that kind of domination would continue in the bedroom. Rawr! Caution: May have excess body hair.

Aela the Huntress
Aela the Huntress

#5 Astrid of Dark Brotherhood

Forget team Jacob or Edward, how about team Astrid? Blond, sultry, seductive, and on top of that, cunning. You don’t get to lead a “Dark Brotherhood” without a reason. But be careful, you don’t want to marry this one as she’s into some freaky shit.

Astrid the Assassin
Astrid the Assassin of the Dark Brotherhood

#4 Ysolda

Ysolda is a young Nord woman living in Whiterun. And she’s career-minded! Definitely a good candidate for marriage if that’s your thing. If you fancy her, stick on that Amulet of Mara and chat her up.

Ysolda is a young Nord woman from Whiterun, who wishes to become the best merchant in Skyrim.

#3 Sapphire of the Thieves Guild

She’s so pleasant and friendly. Considering this is a guild of THIEVES she is always completing you. What a great co-worker. Definitely makes for a better workplace, especially since everyone is living in a sewer. Downside: she’s tough to get to open up and seems to be more into her work.

Sapphire the Thief
Sapphire lives in a sewer in Riften

#2 Muiri

Warning! She may be hot but be careful considering a relationship with her. She’s been know to hire assassins to take care of people she doesn’t like. And if things between the two of you go sour, well…

Don't cross Muiri. Ever.

#1 Sylgja

Sylgja is a small-town Nord living in a miner’s town. She’s had a rough life too struggling with injury. However, given that, she’s modest and pretty and would likely be quite low maintenance. Her parents are still married and together. I suggest having some fun with Astrid and Aela and then settle down with Sweet Sylgja. And check out that rack!

Sylgja is a true cutie

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